Basic feng shui tips to create good energy in your bedroom

So you’ve heard a lot about creating good feng shui in your bedroom and you know that it is so very important to have good energy there, right?  You  might also be a bit sceptical about feng shui, or maybe intrigued but convinced that it’s impossible  to create good feng shui in your bedroom.

Let me help you change your mind while creating great feng shui in your most important room –your bedroom! I am sure you will get to love the process and much enjoy the results.

Here come 3 easy steps  (read: rules) to help you get a good grasp on good bedroom feng shui and even enjoy it in your bedroom on a constant basis!


What does a good feng shui energy foundation mean? It is basically a set of building blocks on which all other good things can be3828284165_edfe06bf66_o created. There are several factors that make a good feng shui energy foundation in your bedroom. The first one is the abundance of fresh/clean air, second is the quality of natural  light, followed by “no clutter” rule and “no electrical equipment” rule.

These are firm rules like “no computer in the bedroom” or “no cell phone close to the bed”, and definitely “no TV or exercise equipment”.

Basics like keeping the window open for a fresh air flow, letting natural light in, not storing any clutter in your bedroom closets or under the bed have to become just that: basics that you do not think about, argue or make it hard to implement.


Find the best furniture layout with your bed in the so-called commanding position and/or facing one of your lucky feng shui directions. Have access to your bed from both sides and have (no matter how small) nightstands on both sides of bed.  Be mindful not to have a mirror facing your bed or any sharp angles pointing at you while you sleep. Understand what makes a good feng shui bed  and see if yours is close to having good feng shui.

If you feel like moving your furniture from time to time, this is perfectly fine, just be sure you know the best spots for your major furniture pieces. A good placement of furniture – especially your bed–  in your bedroom will allow for  a stable and harmonious flow of energy which every room needs  (and more so a bed-room!)


Beauty is like food, energy-wise. An ugly space can literally poison your energy, while a beautiful, harmonious one will elevate, nourish and heal you. Do your best to create and maintain a sense of beauty in your bedroom and have only items that you love to be surrounded with.

Follow basic feng shui colour guidelines, such as the one that recommends earth colour tones as best colours for the bedroom (look at a wide range of colours: from deep chocolate browns to light sand colours), and be sure to add sensual, romantic touches in a fire feng shui element colour (red, pink, magenta, lavender or coral orange colours.)

Bring only art that makes you happy and inspired, use comfortable natural bedding and have either candles or dimmer switches to keep the energy soft and nourishing.

Your bedroom is the outward expression of your love for yourself, so start loving yourself more as love leads to all things good, no matter you are sharing your bedroom with a loved one or only with yourself. Ultimately, love does not come from outside, but is rather an expression of your own ability to love, so express it more, as well as nourish and strengthen this expression.


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