How to boost your energy

1. Have your breakfast

Eating in the morning prevents hunger, which causes law energy. cheerleader-622894_640People who eat their breakfast every morning, suffer less from fatigue and stress.

2. Exercise

Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises are excelent energie boosters.

3. Singing

While singing you reduce levels of stress hormones in your body. Singing gives you emotional high.

4. Drink water

Avoid being dehydrated, this will make you feel drain and tired. Drinking water keeps you fresh.

5. Eat almonds and peanuts

These nutrients contain magnesium and folic acid, which is believed to boost energy.

6. Cinnamon and pepermint

In the case of low energy, grab a cinnamon stick or pepermint. Both can make you feel more alert.

7. Seek sunshine

The sunshine will enhance your mood. Go for outdoor walk in the sunshine for 20 minutes to get energized or open the shades if you can’t get out.

8. Eat a snack

You will feel feeble if you blood sugar level drops. Therefore grab a snack with protein and slow-burning carbs that will get your brain fuel.

9. Hang out with positive people

Positive friends can lift you up. Hanging out with negative people that drain you and zap your energy will, won’t raise your vibration.

10. Burst of cold water

Ending your shower with cold water will improve your blood stream and refresh your body.

11. Jasmine fragrance

This smell makes you feel more awake, since jasmine increases beta waves which gives you the ability to open the other senses to new experiences.

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