Quotes From “Eat, Pray, Love”

Eat, Pray, Love is one of my favourite books; Elizabeth Gilbert has such a sensational writing style, and her raw conveyance of emotion allows her readers to connect with her, recognizing themselves at different parts throughout the book. Below are some of my favourite passages and most memorable quotes from Eat, Pray, Love. Continue reading

10 daily habits to feel more alive

There are 10 ways that will help you feel more alive, if you make them your daily routines. These 10 habits will improve your mental, spiritual, emotional and overall health.

  1. Move after you wake up

There is a lot of blockage in you, in the very moment you wake up. Twisting, stretching, moving with your body in your bed, exercising will help you to transform your energy and frees you.


  1. Get some fruit or drink fresh juice

This will refresh your body, giving you minerals, fibers and vitamins.


  1. Read empowering books

This habit uplifts you, raises you motivation, gives you cognitive stimulation and stress reduction.


  1. Meditate – connect to yourself, free your mind even for 5 minutes, get emotional control.


  1. Go out, walk in the nearest park, connect with nature and raise your vibration.


  1. Listen music – it is a form of healing


  1. Spend time with people who are most important for you


  1. Do a random act of kindness.


Thank someone, make a little gift, donate blood, say something nice to a stranger.


  1. Set yourself a challenge every single day

For example start conversation with a stranger, learn and try something new.

  1. Take time to love, to express gratitude. Forget complaining.