Who invented the 0 ?

Do you know that the 0, this figure that means nothing and a lot, when she is in combination with
other figures, is invented later than the rest?

who invented 0Historical records show that in the time of Babylonians, people used empty space to mark the zero.
Then they invented a sign to replace the empty space. Hence zero was marked with 2 slashes. But
this was not the real zero, because the slashes were never used alone and in the end of the number.
Greeks looked with philosophical eye on the zero. They asked themselves is it possible something
non-existed to be marked with figure. Romans didn’t know the zero.

In the time of Mayan, the zero exists only for counting, but not for calculating.
Where was the zero invented? The answer is India. When – between 6 and 8 century AD. The oldest
inscription of zero was a small circle on a stone found in ancient temple. The Indians were those, who
created the decimal system.
This system was easily adopted by other Asian countries as Cambodia in 7 century, China in 8

Persian mathematician Mohammed al Khwarizmi used the Indian system in his works in algebra and
arithmetic. Later on, in 13 century, the translations of his books reached Europe, where the figures
became popular as Arabic.

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