New planet Kepler-10c

World agencies reported a discovery of a new rocky planet, 17 times heavier than the Earth, with
diameter 29,000km, which is 2.3 bigger than our planet.

Astronomers named her Godzilla. The
official name of the newfound planet is Kepler-10c and it is located 560 light years from Earth.

Scientists did not know of the existence of big rock planets until now. The bigger it is, the more is the
gravitational pull. Through gravity the planet concentrates not only solid materials but also large
amount of hydrogen, which can turn the Kepler-10c in to gas giant like Jupiter.

Kepler10“Kepler”, the mission of NASA can detect planets but cannot determine whether they are gas or

The Godzilla’s atmosphere is successfully preserved during its existing, because of the planet’s size.
The giant planet spins around a star similar to the Sun. The star is too hot which does not allow life
existence on the planet. 45 days is the term of Godzilla’s full tour. The mega planet was formed 3000
billion years after the Big Bang, the age of the planet is 11 billion years.

This discovery proofs that the Universe was able to create big rocky planets even at a time when
availability of solid elements like silicon and iron were considerate to be rare.

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