Pitta people (+ quiz)

These people are medium size, slender and often with soft bones. They have many moles and
freckles. Their muscles are moderately developed, their bones are not that protruded and their
thorax is not that flat as compared to vata people.pitta_summer11

The skin color of pitta people may be cooper, reddish, yellowish or light; she is soft, warm and less
wrinkled. The hair is thin and silky, tend to turn grey and baldness; color may be red and brown.
Eyes are expressive, grey, green and cooper-brown with moderately convex eye balls. Nails are soft.
The nose is pointed and straight, often with red tip.

Pitta people have big appetite, because their digestion is good and they are able to eat and drink in
large amounts. Their preferences in tastes are sweet, bitter and astringency, cold drinks are
preferred too. Their amount of urine and excrements is lavish. Excrements are yellowish, soft and

Hands and feet are worm; the body temperature might be higher. Pitta people are sweating a lot.
They don’t like the heat, the sun light and hard work.

Pittas are goods speakers, intelligent, witty, but also jealous and angry. They love to be leaders,
because they are very ambitions. They like to demonstrate wealth and luxury items they own.

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