Scientists cannot explain these 10 things

1. Chinese lines
These lines are curved in the desert of Gansu Province in China Shen. They are situated at
coordinate 40 ° 27’28 .56 ” N , 93 ° 23’34 .42 ” E.

2. Stone Doll
Stone doll was found after digging a well at 100m depth in July 1889 in Nampa, Idaho. The
doll was made by man hand long time ago, this is what this 100m dept shows us.

3. Stone calendar
Scientist can not explainThese 3 meters high stones in the Egypt part of the desert Sahara, which are 6000 years old,
are considered to be stone calendar. Others think it is a place for sacrifice.

4. Ancient spaceship
It is drawing in a cave located in Japan date back 5000 years before Christ.

5. Mica mineral
In the walls of Mexico pyramids is built in the mineral Mica. This mineral is found in Brazil,
which is the nearest quarry. The question here is why ancient builders cover such a long
distance to build this mineral in.

6. Fossilized giant
He’s height is 3.6 meters. This giant with six fingers on each foot and hand was found in
Ireland in 1895.

7. Submerged pyramids
Their location is in Cuba. Nobody knows which the lost city is.

8. Giants of Nevada
In Nevada were found 2 skeletons and large skulls with high 2.8 m and 3.5 m.

9. The bridge of the dog death
This bridge is built in Scotland in 1850 over a 50 m pit. Many dogs commit suicide and jump
of it for no reason.

10. Lalodof plate
12,000 year old stone plate found in Nepal. On the plate is drawn a flying disk and a figure
that looks just like an alien.

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