What was the secret of Saint Germain ?

Saint Germain claimed that he owns the elixir of youth, but also he needed to follow special diet.
Wherever he had been invited, he demanded the food to be prepared as he requires. The secret of Saint Germain

He consumed only three foods – tender chicken, oat flakes or oatmeal and cooked grain.
Almost no one had seen him drinking alcohol.

The count has been afraid of getting cold. He spent many hours in concentration and meditation. His
friends often found him in lotus position. When they asked him for these inclinations, he replied that
he has his own shelter in Himalayas, where he planned to spend next 85 years.

The official version for his death is that he died in the prince Karl Palace, in Hesse 1784, where he
implemented some Egyptian rituals and alchemical experiments with friends. Since people continued
to see him in unexpected places after his death, nobody believed that he was dead. Countess
D’Ademar claimed that they have been spoken several times after his death. Count Saloon said that
he met him in 1788. Madam de Genlis said she saw him in 1821 in Vienna.

The philosopher, Voltaire said for Saint Germain that he is “a man who never dies, and who knows

2 thoughts on “What was the secret of Saint Germain ?

  1. Saint Germain never ate or drank anything – Ascended Masters dont eat or drink. nor are they afraid of fire or cold, they are eternal creator avatar beings.
    He was a holographic image of Himself.

    He never demanded any special; diet. For more on him you may like to read ” Unveiled Mysteries”


  2. Count St. Germain is the Lord of Civilization on the planet Earth. There is a spiritual hierarchy, and he and others who are called
    the Ascended Masters have attained biological conscious immortality. There are various abodes on this planet where these masters
    do reside. One of them is in the Himalayas, and it is the legendary Shamballa. St. Germain is also known as the Lord of the Violet
    Flame, spiritual/etheric energy which is directed by conscious intelligent will . It is utilized by Light Workers along with the White Fire
    to transmute negative aspects into positive i.e. healing the sick etc. The White Fire is also an invisible etheric energy, which does not have an intelligence of its own. Authors such as Madame Blavatsky, C.W. Leadbeater, Alice Bailey, Baird T. Spalding among others have written extensively on the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

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