The Remedy That Gives You Health And Youth

The scientist at the Heart Math Institute, the World leading institute that does researches in emotional psychology, managed to prove that one human emotion has the characteristics of a remedy that can lead to better health and long listing youth. That is the emotion of real gratitude.

Namely ,scientists have proven that every time a man is truly grateful, when he truly thinks well of others accomplishments, when he has a humble view of the world, then the rhythms of his heart and brain sync, which leads to a state that scientists call coherence. Continue reading

Get Healthy and Fit, Part 1


J.D. over at one of my favorite finance blogs, Get Rich Slowly, posted recently about how he used a wellness coach to get healthier and fitter. He shares his experiences and some excellent tips, and I recommend a read.

It got me to thinking: I’ve learned so much over the last year, from reading and from trial and error, that I could be a decent coach myself with a little more training. I don’t think it’s something I’ll really pursue, but I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned.

Today I’ll look at the first part of getting healthier and fitter — eating healthy. (Also see See Part 2 of Getting Healthy and Fit – Exercise Edition)

Rules for Eating Healthy Continue reading

What Is Your Body Revealing About Your Health?

We spend a lot of time looking in mirrors in our world today, but we don’t usually equate how we look to our overall health. How we look on the outside reveals a lot about our health on the inside, from the color and texture of our skin to the clarity of our eyes to the smoothness of our fingernails. You can tell a lot about a person’s health based on their outer appearance, and certain issues like hair loss, wrinkles, and acne can point to underlying problems that need attention. Continue reading