15 Mistakes In Life You Don’t Want To Make

Mistake #1: Losing Sight of What Makes You Happy

Remember when you were a kid, and pure, unadulterated joy was part of most every day? We didn’t have to ask ourselves, “What makes me happy?” We just knew and made it our mission to do those happy things. But adulthood and responsibilities take us farther and farther away from the pure happiness of our youth. We get so caught up in the work of life that we lose touch with the joy of living Continue reading

How Remove Negative Programs and Thoughts From Our Minds?

Subconscious mind programming

It’s extremely important to understand this fact: in order to make a deep long-term change in the patterns you have, ideas, perceptions, worldviews, customs and beliefs – you must change the paradigms you have in your subconscious mind. Continue reading