How To Fall Asleep In 60 Seconds?

People who suffer from sleeping disorders, like insomnia, have experienced all its numerous harmful effects. If you belong to this group of people, this article will probably change your life!

Namely, Dr. Andrew Weil has discovered an extremely simple way to help you fall asleep in seconds! Continue reading

How to fall asleep in Less Than a Minute?

Do you have trouble falling asleep?  Your not alone.  Sleeping disorders have become an epidemic in this country.  There are over 70 different sleep disorders with insomnia, or the inability to fall asleep, being the most prevalent. The causes for these disorders may range from unhealthy food late at night to stress or looking at screens before going to bed.  Luckily, there is an effective solution called the “4-7-8” breathing method.

This remarkably effective method was developed by Harvard alumnus Dr. Andrew Weil, a doctor of physical and mental health, who studies meditation and its stress-relief effects. Continue reading