The Remedy That Gives You Health And Youth

The scientist at the Heart Math Institute, the World leading institute that does researches in emotional psychology, managed to prove that one human emotion has the characteristics of a remedy that can lead to better health and long listing youth. That is the emotion of real gratitude.

Namely ,scientists have proven that every time a man is truly grateful, when he truly thinks well of others accomplishments, when he has a humble view of the world, then the rhythms of his heart and brain sync, which leads to a state that scientists call coherence.

The scientists managed to measure this state of coherence with the help of the equipment that shows the precise interaction of the brain the heart and the complete nervous system. Using this method they succeeded to prove that the emotion of gratitude increases the production of DHEA hormone- or as they call it the youth hormone.

The hormone prevents the body from physical aging. When a man is grateful, he thinks more clearly, and the brain is able to process information faster,thus to increase its capacities. Besides that, the emotion of gratitude normalizes the work of the heart, decreases the stress levels, erases all traces of frustration and anger which in case they have been piling up can cause different types of physical illnesses.

The research showed that gratitude is a gift that grows and that people who use the gift of gratitude attract other positive emotions and people towards them. They also proved that gratitude can improve the immune system, because, when we feel grateful a certain increase of antibodies that protect our organism from bacteria and viruses is registered in the body. Gratitude is actually a Divine gift to the human health and youth, that now has been proven by science, too.

Unfortunately, people nowadays rarely think of gratitude and many believe that they have nothing to be grateful for, because they always Focus on the negative or what they don’t have. Maybe that’s what causes stress and frustrations and, with that, so many illnesses which torment the world. No matter how hard it is, we shouldn’t forget to be grateful and humble for what we have- and we certainly have, at least, something.

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