What Successful Managers Don’t Do (Part 3)

Do you doubt?

Doubt is not a mistake in itself, but it becomes one when you stay in it. The information I am going to put out here is extremely important not only for managers but also for everyone who wants to be successful, fast, productive and happy.

What doubt has to do with speed and success?  One of the definitions of the word doubt is that our mind remains between two contradictory statements and can not choose from among them, like between “YES” and “NO,” which is actually ” MAYBE”. Our mind remains between the contradictions, which means that doubt takes part of our attention and fixes it in the past. So we continue, but not with our full attention, which makes us slower and since part of us is fixed in the past, makes us even more unhappy, and this automatically affects our success.

If we want to save time and be good leaders and managers who can easily manage their team without being disturbed by the lack of time and nerves, the first thing we have to do is get out of the doubt.

How to avoid this mistake?

The answer is very easy – we find more information. We make it so that we can understand everything so we can safely decide “Yes” or “NO”. And if we understand everything, but we still have doubts despite all the information at our disposal, then we are skeptical and we are afraid. Very often our fear comes from a past experience when we have made a decision, which was subsequently wrong, and so at the present time we prefer to remain in doubt. But this “Maybe” never produces a positive result. Biggest leaders take decisions as soon as they have checked the information. Staying in doubt is the same as not taking responsibility. We can not require from our employees to be responsible when we, as managers, ignore the decision.

Staying in doubt, ignoring it is tantamount to admitting that you are a coward and irresponsible.

Confidence is something that is build on experience. To become more confident every time when we are in doubt we have to act. People follow the confident managers.

author: Nevena Topalova

Source : www.freeboss.eu 

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