When do diets work?

Should we manage to tune all three – mind, heart and body, to the same wave frequency, diets become stable eating habits.
Diets work when the mind and the heart offer to the body.
15721466273_39e9b6b4c7_oIn case you would like to help somebody by sharing with them the secret of your choice of foods, do not expect any result. Their mind, heart and body together would probably recommend different foods, depending on their life goals and their stage of development. Perhaps the prerequisites of smart nutrition seem more and more like abstract art to you. Although, in this case, it is more about the art of creating yourself and in that sense – a  higher form of art.

But how should the three get back in touch with each other? And how do we determine ourown  personal goals? Some are born ‘learned’, others manage learn itin the course of their lives, and some do not succeed until the very end. Love will be of great service to you – love towards yourself as well as towards the world. In your everyday life you can express that love by allowing yourself be who you truly are, and letting others be themselves.

You will also need the love towards the world or at least towards a soul. You could get that feeling of love by visualizing  and doing good deeds. Just leave the rest to the synergical connection between your mind, body and heart.  The three will start serving you on a silver platter information about the right sports, food and water; you will end up in the social environment which would best help you achieve your goals.

Is there a chance for you to misinterpret those signs and how can you avoid this? It is really easy – trust only that intuition, which you received as a gift at birth. Allow only the things that attract you, those things which you could sincerely call ‘yours’.

How long is itgoing to last? As long as it is necessary for the mind and the heart to free themselves of the thoughts and feelings alien to them, and for the body to rid itself of the unnecessary store of fat. This is the way to provide the body with a constant alkaline environment, in which all processes run smoothly.

According to the chemical law saying that’like dissolves like’ you will start to attract more and more foods, cosmetics and water necessary to maintain good health. You will as well attract people who will support you and people who need your support. You will start to crave for new things. Trust the communicating three, who can lead you to the top.


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