The worst animal parents


If Panda gives birth to 2 babies, she rarely can raise both. Therefore the smaller one becomes
neglected from his mother.

Worst animal parents1Very often it becomes a victim of the wild. With the other child, the
mother remains attached even when it grows up.


She is a killer since she eats her babies. The reason is that she is not able to feed all of them.

Black eagle

This mother leaves her children to fight each other. The fight very often leads to death. The parents
become witnesses of scenes, in which the biggest kill the smaller.

worst animal parenys4


Mother rabbit leaves the newborns too fast. She takes care of the small rabbits till the 25th day of
their birth. According to scientists, rabbits leave their babies, since the predatory animals like eating
bunnies, and they can hardly find the parents.

Terrestrial Beetles

This mother eats her larvae. This happens when she feeds them, but since the provisions are never
enough for the whole offspring, only the first are able to get at the food. The last is left hungry and
gets eaten by their mother.

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