The secret of longevity and health

The secret is in our body, this is the very popular spot in acupuncture, Zu San Li, which is located on
the leg portion of the stomach meridian, around 4 finger widths below the knee.

This point is called
“longevity point” in China and “point of thousand diseases” in Japanese.
The secret of longivity
You can activate this spot not only with needles but also with massage. By pressing Zu San Li, you
activate the adrenaline glands, which deliver adrenaline, hydrocortisone and imported hormones for
your body. Making massage to the longevity point will help you for:

– Normalize the blood pressure;
– Glucose and insulin normalization;
– Immune system regulation;
– Suppression of inflammatory process;
– Digestion improvements;
– Heals diseases in gastrointestinal track;
– After stroke recovery
– Slow down the aging process.
Before stimulating this spot, you have to be in harmony and very calm, concentrated on your
feelings. The best time for this stimulation is in the morning and during the young moon. Do it 9
times clockwise in circular motion on each leg, the duration is 10 minutes.

You can also use this massage in the evening for weight loss results, but not before bedtime,
otherwise it will cause you insomnia. The weight you might lose is 400-500 grams per week.

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